Arizona Response Systems, LLC
(updated 09-20-2016)

I was born in Pennsylvania in 1969 and moved to California with my family in 1977. My teenage years were spent with an obsessive interest in entrepreneurial activities. I worked odd jobs from landscaping, to cleaning dog kennels, to working for Taco Bell's research and development store. I also was heavily involved in fine-scale model building, which contributed significantly to my Edward Scissor Hands skill with a Dremel Tool, and attention to detail. School was varsity wrestling and water polo, the Boy Scouts (Eagle) and working. I dropped out of high-school shortly after my 16th birthday and began taking classes at the local junior college.

I enlisted in the U.S Army Infantry on my 17th Birthday and served with the 3/75th Rangers (Airborne) at Fort Benning. I earned the Expert Infantryman Badge, Israeli Parachute Badge, and some other shiney trinkets for correctly identifying which end the bullet comes out. I graduated from Airborne School, Ranger School, Assault Climber School, and Special Forces Selection. Not a hero by any means, but I did my part.

I finished my first active duty tour and then attended California State University, Fullerton, where I earned his Bachelor Degree in History, with an emphasis on Military History. I taught elementary school while concurrently serving as an Army Reservist with the 12th Special Forces.

I attended graduate school at California State University, San Bernardino and completed my Master's Degree in Strategic Studies (National Security Studies) with an emphasis on Soviet Nuclear Strategy and Pro/Counter Insurgency. I was recalled to active military service at the close of Desert Storm, where I served at Fort Sam Houston, training at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, Medical Course.

I then moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I stayed in the Army Reserves, where I advanced to Staff Sergeant as NBC NCO (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare) for counterintelligence, armor, and petroleum assets. As a civilian, I turned my gunsmithing side-job into a full-time job with a nationally known gunsmithing and refinishing company. Being the ambitious and outspoken person I am. I soon tired of working for someone else and opened my own company "Practical Gunsmithing." I terminated my military service after 14 years of combined Active and Reserve duty, to dedicate my full attention to gunsmithing - a venture that quickly evolved to my current position as Master Gunsmith and head janitor of Arizona Response Systems, LLC.

While I spend most of my time working, I take a break when I can and assist as a range safety officer and firearms instructor. Maintaining my shooting and teaching competence ensures that my gunsmithing recommendations are compatible with evolving tactical considerations.

I'm now 47 and share my home with my 21 year old daughter, two dogs, two horses, four tortoises, and a number of other critters.

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