Arizona Response Systems, LLC
(updated 09-20-2016)
I have found people more comfortable shipping their prize firearms to me when they have a name and a face attached to the company name. As the page I had previously titled a "notes-ars-shop tour" is more a "notes-ars-shop build" documentary, I have prepared this page to introduce you to the ARS facilities.
My name is Mark Graham. I am the master gunsmith, secretary, shipping clerk, webmaster, and janitor at Arizona Response Systems. Everything that happens or fails to happen here is on me. Come on in, and I'll take you for a brief tour of my shop.
Here is my office where I do mountains of paperwork, photography, shipping and receiving, and keep part of an extensive reference library.
This is bench #1 and my primary work area. Everything else radiates outward from this area based on ergonomics and frequency of use.
Here I am trying very hard to NOT have any parts left over.
This is the secondary work area. Convenient for when I have two projects going at once, or when one of my friends stops by and wants to work on their projects.
This is the third work area and is used for "dirty" operations such as sanding, grinding, demilling, and operations utilizing the three hydraulic presses. I build HKs and AKs in this area.
Walk-in vault for inventory and pending orders.
Here I gaze thoughtfully at some parts, giving an image of wisdom, technical competence, and vast professional experience. All the while trying desperately not to crack up at my buddy's antics behind the camera.
Mill & Lathe services available. Someday I'll learn what all the buttons and shiny levers are for. Sharpe mill (Bridgeport clone) and Sharpe Lathe (Southbend clone).
Machining selector stop plates for AK-47s.
Turning fake-silencers for AK-47s.
Metal working room. Light duty (Lincoln 125 Pro) and heavy duty (Lincoln 180) MIG welding, general (Lincoln Square Wave 175) TIG welding, oxygen acetylene silver soldering and torch cutting, plasma cutting (Miller Spectrum 375), as well as limited grinding and polishing services.
Paint booth with air driers.
Applying the ARS METACOL III firearm finish.
Sand blasting, bead blasting, and Parkerizing.
My daughter has a knack for Parkerizing and enjoys working with me.
The most boring, but most critical room. Ingersoll Rand air compressor, curing ovens, Crest Ultrasonic rifle cleaning and lubricating tanks.
Crest Ultrasonic rifle cleaning and lubricating tanks. It will take years to amortize the high cost, but it works fantastic!
Well, that's all folks. Thanks for visiting.