Arizona Response Systems, LLC
(updated 09-20-2016)
I finally got around to zeroing the FAL you rebuilt. It ran like a top and shot great. Thanks again. As soon as I get a little free time I will pack up that AK74 kit and send it your way.
-Russ B.
(StG-58) Wow! One word.....Awesome!
-Hector C.
I received the FAL in yesterday. I want to thank you for work you did and the quality with which you did it. It looks fantastic.
-Jason P.
The FAL was just delivered here by Fedex and, after a thorough inspection, I have to say it's a wonderful job! Careful, skillful, quick, priced right, just exactly as pictured, and the best quality all the way. Looking at my fine "new" rifle leaned up against the wall in a corner, I have to say "Thank you again and again." I wouldn't hesitate a heartbeat to recommend you to my friends.
-Steve C.
I received my Rhodesian R1 build yesterday. Great job. It looks awesome. I am waiting on a receiver for a G1 that was used in Rhodesia. It will be heading your way as soon as all parts are present. Thanks.
-Willie G.
You built a rifle for me in 1999 when I lived in McLean VA. I fired about 600 rounds out of it and then for the last 7 years it sat in my safe. I brought it out again recently and shot another 800 rounds through it. Not one hiccup even, no jam just keeps going. Just wanted to let you know that the rifle is just fucking great. Keep up the good work!
-John C.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work you did on my FN 49. You exceeded my expectations in every way. I noticed that you even made that brass disk fit flush with the stock, and you cleaned the brass buttplate, neither of which were necessarily within the scope of work. Glad to see someone go the extra mile! I was even more surprised that you got the work done on time (or even early?) and on budget. The test target was also well-appreciated. I will be visiting the FN Factory in Herstal in September, and I will bring them pictures of your work.
-Andrew S.
Just received my Argy FAL. It is beautiful.
-David G.
I just received my kit and looked it over. THANK YOU! You did an excellent job. It was well worth the wait. I plan on sending you more kits this year.
-Chris K.
Received the (Arsenal Milled AK) today from Fed ex awesome work some of the best I have seen. Great job!!!!! Thanks
-Alan R.
I ordered your ak DVD set awhile ago and finally sat down to watch it (haven't quite finished it yet). Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I am enjoying it. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the ak platform.
-John P.
Just a quick note to thank you for doing the Guide on AK's. I have never built a rifle, and was somewhat confused by all the bs out there. Your instructions are excellent. Simple, to the point, and complete. Any trepidation I was feeling is now gone. Best $95 I ever spent. I sure I will recoup the cost of the series many times over, due to the dumbass mistakes I will not be making.
-Karl G.
I just wanted to get back to you and tell you how beautiful the rifle looks. ARS did a great job and I am enjoying the product to the fullest. Also, the HTS parts arrive and surprise, surprise, they were Metcolled too!. They look like new parts. Kudos to all.
Robert E.
I forgot to write you back about this. Its beautiful. I'm very happy with it. now I just need to find some time to take it out to the range. I can't wait to see the LB.
-Nick D.
They (2x StG-58) arrived two days ago and thank you, very much. Your work is masterful and these weapons will be heirlooms for many generations. Your Stoll flash hiders are most impressive. I appreciate ... your careful packing.
John P.
Received my Argentine kit build the other day. Thanks very much for the excellent build.
-Bruce C.
Just received my rifle and it looks Outstanding!!! Thank you very much!
-Tom P.
Thank you for a fantastic job on my riffle. You are a true master craftsman. I really appreciate the detail you put in your work. That rifle is now one of my favorite in my collection.
-Tom W.
You probably remember I just bought your DVDs and workbook on the FAL... I almost didn’t get this. After all, I’ve built several weapons from parts kits and done a lot of custom machining for them as I have a fully equipped CNC machine shop and 30 years experience in this field. On first glance, the FAL looked to me more like just an assembly job like an AR15, not a real build like my M2HB, FN30, or my planned HK21. ANYWAY, I’ve never seen such a well prepared tutorial by such a total expert on the subject. Just want to say thank you. Nearly everyone else in this field is tight lipped on their hard earned knowledge.
-Karl T.
Got off kind of late from my shift downtown tonight and found your package waiting. I had to let you know: the book is FABULOUS! It is well-written and extremely helpful in all regards. This is just what I needed to understand all aspects of my new rifle. Thanks very much for your work on this. The dedication, knowledge and love of subject, and commitment to excellence are obvious. A real service to those who receive it and well worth the price. I'm pumped! Already read through about half of it. You are to be commended.
-Mike B.
Just got (the AK-47) and I must say your workmanship is amazing. Flawless. The finish is perfect. If I have another project I want you to do it.
-Richard C.
My L1A1 arrived at my home around 1400, without incident and in perfect condition. I knew it was going to be really nice, but the fit and finish of this rifle has exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate all the attention to detail. You really do excellent work! I look forward to shooting it very soon. I'm very glad I sent you the work and did not build it myself. Now I'm going to have to scrounge up the parts for another one to send you.
Hi Mark, just wanted to drop a thank you note for the beautiful re-park on my Inglis HP. I'm lovin' it.
-Dietrich H.
Wow! Got the FAL out this weekend and saw remarkable improvement in reliability, felt recoil, and practical accuracy. I will not hesitate to send more business in the future.
Thanks for the FAL (Gunsmithing DVD & Workbook) info, and very quick shipment! I was just dropping a line to express my complete satisfaction with the DVD and workbook - outstanding job! You clearly not only have expertise in the subject, but are able to convey it well (something not all who have expertise are able to do). Worth every penny!
-Gene T
Thank you very much for a beautiful FAL. It was well worth the time it took to get back. It got here a little while ago and I've been looking it over and it is a really beautiful job. Thanks for putting up with me and what was not a perfect kit to start the project with.
Paul R.
I just wanted to let you know that I received the bolt, carrier, and misc. small parts today. The condition of the “EXC” bolt and carrier exceeded my expectations; they look brand new / never used. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
-Luke P.
Just wanted to thank you for a terrific job on my L1A1. Any additional work I have I will send your way and I've already told my friends the same. Very Impressed.
I received the refurbished Izzy receiver in the mail last night and just wanted to drop a quick note saying how very pleased I am with how it turned out. It is fantastic. Whatever expectations I might have had for how it would look and be finished, were exceeded. Extremely well done, sir.
-John W.
Hi Mark. I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a line and thank you for the excelent work that you have put into the Gunplumber's Manual. I purchased it to complete my first FAL project, and have read it cover to cover. While I'm still waiting for my receiver to arrive, I believe it has given me a foundation to work forward from. I'm really excited to start this project and feel I have you looking over my shoulder as I move forward. The good folks at the FAL Files take your word as gospel, and I know why. I enjoy your posts, view points and feedback. Thanks so much!
-Rod M.
I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the fine work you did on my FAL. I have had the opportunity to put quite a few rounds downrange and I'm very happy with the results of your work. Your reputation is well deserved and I won't hesitate to use or recommend your services again.
-Andrew Y.
Great job on the FAL. Beautiful finish and she shoots great and I could not be happier. You are the best.
-Tim S.
AKM came in yeasterday- I am thrilled! Absolutely perfect and exactly what I had hoped for. I look forward to sending you more work down the road. Thank you again for everything
Myself and my partner (chicago Police) purchased Bulgarian 74's from you a couple of years ago. I wanted to tell you that they are superb weapons and we enjoy them very much. I don't have to tell you the level of quality since you built them. Also another thanks when you helped me reclaim my money from lancaster arms when my credit card company called on you, the agent said you had "no kind words" about Lancaster... awesome. My 74 draws a lot of open mouth and few word responses (like Damn! or holy shit!) when I hand it to a friend for inspection. My partner served in the Russian Police and Army and commented how light in weight the Bulgarian weapon is compared to the Russian rifle, but loves it none the less. Just a thank you, and hope all is well . Merry Christmas!
Sir- I just picked up my gun from Newington Gun Exchange. It looks fantastic! Great job!
-John F.
Friday last I received the unit and was very pleased. Tolerances are tight, finish is beautiful and the action is crisp and precise. There's just one problem; the quality and craftsmanship by your hands is remarkable but the weapon is almost too pretty to fire, but I sure will enjoy the years of use from it! Amazing work. Thank you so much. I will recommend you at every opportunity and if I come across another kit, I will be in touch. Again, Fantastic work. I am very impressed (and) Profoundly grateful,
-Paul R
I was finally able to get out and shoot the Arsenal SLR95 that you worked on for me back in December. It shot point of aim and no longer to the right. I am very pleased with that along with the finish that you applied. After being a big dissappointment since I bought it, It now looks and shoots great! The MAK90 barrel also looks good. One can never tell that I screwed it up. I hope all is well for you and thank you again for the great service.
-Joel H.
I received the workbook and DVD yesterday. I was shocked by how fast you shipped it to me. And after spending most of last night and this morning watching the DVDs, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the content. This info will be used time and time again. I have owned several FALs over the years, including an ARS rifle I purchased at a gun show a year or so ago. They have all been nice rifles... your ARS product especially so.
-Steve L.
You did an absolutely amazing job which was well worth the wait. You have surpassed your excellent reputation! Thank you!
-Gregg V.
I was finally able to get to the range today and try out both of the AKs you built. I put several hundred rounds through each and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with both weapons. Both guns ran flawlessly and accuracy was better than expected. I stuck an Aimpoint Micro T-1 red dot on a K-Var side mount and hung it on the Khyber Pass AK. I'm a total hack and was able to put three-shot groups into a saucer sized area at 100 yards. With a bit of instruction I expect the groups to shrink just a bit. In an era when most products are overhyped and fail to deliver, your products do not disappoint.
-Matt H., IL
I received the 4 AKs from my FFL. They are absolutely gorgeous. The fit and finish is exactly what I expected, given the high standards of quality work that I remembered about you from my days on The FAL Files forum. My son and I took one to the range and it functioned flawlessly. Thanks for a job well done.
- Mark M.
I received my Professional Model AK today. This is really a superior build, especially for a $600 rifle! So I wanted to say thanks, and I'm glad I was able to get an AK this nice before the supply dries up. As I sit here watching the early election returns, I feel like I got this just in time.
-Steve R., OR
Received my rifle! It looks fantastic! Haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet, but I wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with it. Thank you for your help and service, and for an outstanding product. I'll be taking it to a rifle course in a week or so, and I'll let you know how it performs. Again, thank you very much.
-SSG Stephen C.
Just picked up the STG. I couldn't wait to open the damn package. Anyway, I finally got it open, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot for another beautiful rifle. The wood looks awesome..... thanks for the extra coats. I don't even want to shoot the rifles that you've built for me, but I know that's not going to happen.
-James B.
Just wanted to let you know that I received your BHP Gunsmithing video, and it's superb.  Thank you for offering such a highly informative, no-B.S. product.  I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
- Jon C., AL
Got the M16 back today. The finish is perfect inside and out. Engraving is truly flawless. Perfect.
-Jim M.
I received my SL8 barrel that was shortened to 16" with a G3 Flash suppressor put on. You told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks. I received it after 1 week or so. Thank you very much. It shoots great, looks great. You did an excellent job on it. I'll be sending you my Remington 700 here very soon.
- Scott T.
Just wanted to let you know that I was already very pleased with the work you performed on my old S&W 29 revolver. However, I was simply amazed by the refinish you did to the Thompson rifle. It actually looks better than new! I will keep you at the top of my list for service and refinishing in the future and I will refer my friends.
-Frank K, CA 
I got the scope and mount today- looks fantastic - very well done; if fact much better than I would have hoped. The finish with the white lettering matches my G series FAL very closely and overall i could not be happier- well done. If you are interested I hope to be doing a Holland FAL repro fairly soon (critical Holland part dependent) - if you are interested I will contact you for the build.
- Larry V.
I sent my duty pistol, a G21, to you for the December 1, 2006 run of Glock grip modifications.  I also had you do the beavertail, forward cocking serrations and refinish in black metalcol.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it back in my hands before the new year.  That is amazing! I am 110% satisfied with the fantastic work.  It is a much more user-friendly pistol, now.  It is tough for LEO's to go without their service pistol for any length of time and luckily I was able to get issued a "company gun" while mine was with you, but let me assure anyone who reads this, it was well worth it! Your work is top notch, sir.  You'll be getting more pistols from me in the future.
Thanks! I got the rifle today and it looks absolutely exquisite -nice job.
-Ben S
My AK arrived today, and I just wanted to say thanks for a short turnaround time and a quality job. 
-Robert O.
I just received my barrel/receiver assembly.  The work you did on the muzzle and the applied flash suppressor far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did you perform an excellent job, but your customer service is superb as well.  These two qualities are not very common these days.  I will be sure to recommend ARS to all my friends.
- Jeff M, WA
I was finally able to pick up my FAL yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that it is absolutely beautiful. It was more than I expected, and I couldn't be happier with your work. I was able to show it to a couple of friends at the station, and they were in awe. I'm having a little bit of a problem with the break lever, or the lever that allows the rifle to be broken open, on the left side of the gun, right below the rear sights. I'm not able to budge it. I'll have to read the FAL manual.
-James B.
I received my rifle last week and I can't say enough about the quality of your workmanship - WOW.  If you ever need a reference and I doubt that based on your quality but if you ever do, please don't hesitate.  YOU ARE THE GUNPLUMBER!
- Jeff V.
Got the M60 receiver. Looks flawless, as always.
- Jim M.
I just received my FAL you did it is outstanding, nicer than I could have dreamed. I just wanted to say Thanks, I will be happy to recommend you to anyone.
-John M.
Just wanted to say thanks, the work you did to my PTR91 is terrific.  Got to bust some rounds and check my zero after our club match today, I really like the changes. I am going to get a couple more of these moving your way before the end of the year for the G3K conversion and the paddle mag.
- Mark C., AL
Got it. Wow! It looks great. You sure do live up to your reputation. Worth every bit of the wait.
-Tom J.
I received the HK94 today. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Thanks for the great work.
-Irving F., NV
I rewatched your tape on the Browning Hi Power and really appreciate not only the very fine manner in which the topics were presented, but your not doing everything under the sun on the basic "Street Hi Power."  I have Novaks on a few of my Hi Powers, but have come to prefer the standard Mk III fixed sights, a bobbed hammer, and a single-side extended thumb safety and of course, no magazine disconnect.
-Steve C.
I received my G21 lower today. The grip reduction is fantastic; your craftsmanship is second to none. I will certainly send my G30 for the next batch. Thanks again for the great work,
- Ben C.
I just want to say how happy I am with your services. The finishes you have put on my guns have made them much more enjoyable to own, shoot and maintain. The aesthetics are great (no news there.) When I'm set up on the firing line there is no mistaking my guns from anyone else's. Shooting and carrying out here in the middle of all this desert dust has put other finishes to shame, even Teflon; but the Metalcol you use is as slick today as it was the day you put it on. I've had you do almost all the handguns and one of the beltfeds. Even when one gun, the revolver, did have some issues firing single action (a problem from the factory trigger) the condition of the gun you sent me away with was better than what anyone else was capable of providing. More of my collection will certainly be arriving for your services.
- Pete, AZ
Man, this thing looks freaking awesome!
- Patrick B
I received my HK-94 today, I must say you did a great job! You were right, it looks like new. I am impressed and so were the guys at the gun shop. I have an HK-91 that I am going to send to you sometime in the next month or two for a refinish job. I was a little scared of sending one of my HKs to someone I have never dealt with, but my fears are at rest with you. Again, thanks for the superb work you do!!  
I received my 226 back today. I put my very nice coco bolo wood grips on it, and it is just a work of art. I can't wait to shoot it next weekend. It looks even better than I had expected. It look and feels better than new. I guess I won't be buying a Sig 226 Navy after all. I'd rather pick up another bargain priced well-used Sig and send it to you! Thank you so much, it was worth the wait.
-Joshua L.
I love the Glock grip reduction. I just took it to the range. My comfort and accuracy is drastically improved. I'm really impressed. I will recommend your services to anyone I can. Thank you.
-Stu S.
I just wanted to say thanks for being there. The grip frames you sent me were both excellent in all respects as far as I was concerned.
- J.L.G.
I was only able to run about 50 rounds through my new FAL while on a quick trip with friends down to Tombstone. All I can say is OUT FREAKING STANDING! The fit and finish are top notch and the gun runs like a dream. I couldn't be happier with it.
-Peter F.
Received the Glock 20 frame today via FedEx and let me say that I am well pleased with your excellent work and extremely speedy service. Thanks. Will pass the word on your fine work and speedy service.
- Mike S.
About 6 months to a year ago you modified a 870 that I sent you with a action job, sight installation, refinishing, etc. Just yesterday I finally got a chance to take it up to some land I own 45 minutes away and run some shells through it. I just wanted to let you know I am VERY pleased with the work you did on it. From the factory the action was creepy and rough. I ran 50 rounds of buck through it as fast as I could load and shoot and it never burped. As a testament to how much I like it after it gets cleaned I intend to make it my "behind the back seat" shotgun for my pickup.
- Billy S.
I want to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased with your service I am. I traded this 21 for a song and half a dance. It was not in pristine shape when I sent it to you. Your grip reduction may not be beautiful to some, but this is a daily use tool for me. The feel of this grip is awesome. The 21 has a big frame but your enhancement makes a huge difference in the overall feel of the weapon. I will brag and boast about your service every chance I get. I am a law enforcement instructor and will have alot of opportunities. You are definately recommended. Thank you so much for your stand up service.
- Mike O., Dallas, Texas
Mark and Arizona Response Systems have been around for quite awhile. I have personally had him do 4 Sigs and 2 Berettas for me. They have been some of the most beautiful pistols I've ever owned. In fact, several of the 225's he did for me have been sold to SigForum members.
The only complaint I have concerning Mark is that I did'nt have more pistols and more money to send his way. In fact, if anyone chooses to search the Archives, you will clearly see that I have used every opportunity at my disposal to make sure that we all knew who Mark and ARS was, not because he delivered what he agreed to, but because he consistantly delivered more than I actually paid for!
Mark is not my buddy, he is not a friend, he lives and works a long way from here..I'm simply telling you all from my own experience that GunPlumber has always been an honorable man, delivered more than was required, and oh yes....the very first job he did for me resulted in him "giving" me a free refinish because I hadn't made my work order clear. He ate the charges, very graciously, and that began a relationship that will continue with the shipment of my next pistol to him.
- Zebulon, Sig Forum
I'm sending a Sig 225 to you....This will probably be the last one....You've already done 6 pistols for me, but this one is special. It is a gift to my beloved wife....I'm not asking you for anything beyond your always excellent work. However, this is a love offering to my faithful companion to whom I owe more than I can ever repay. I want to thank you Mark...for all the fine work you've done for me in the past....I'm well aware that I'm a small dollar guy...Doesn't matter. From a guy who trusted you to deliver....I am well pleased. Thank you Sir.... BTW, You did the finest work I know on a pistol for me some time Inox Beretta 92FS that you polished and jeweled for me, barrel and all. If God gives me time enough, I'd like to ask you to do one more for me.....You're the best Mark.....Thank you....225 is on it's way
- J.P.R.
Just a quick note.......I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job threading the barrel on my PTR 91. I am very pleased with the over all quality of your work. Now I just have to run to the range and test drive it.
- Brian D.
You threaded a couple of my AKs recently. Just want to say thanks for a wonderful job. They're both very nice and I'm absolutely satisfied.
-Mike K.
I received my HK91 from you and it looks AWESOME!
- Andy S.
What great jobs you did on my SR9 flash hider & L1A1 trigger!!!!
- Joe P.
This a.m. I received the finish job you did on my H&K .45 slide and bbl. It is the most professional finish I have ever seen. The guys at my gun club will be envious; I will give them your web site. Thanks you for the great job you did for me. Thanks again for the outstanding work.
- Brian K.
I have received the Cobray collapsible throwing star and wanted to write to you. To be honest, when I sent this item to you I had reservations...not about ARS, but as to whether or not this item warranted the expense of refinishing. I knew the item was increasingly rare as I have owned them over the years, I knew it should be cleaned up and put away. What I got back from ARS was simply remarkable.

Why? Because, in all my thinking and justification of the project I never expected that my expectations as to what the finished results would look like would be exceeded so remarkably. ARS sent back to a perfectly refinished example. The depth and evenness of the coloration, the perfectly applied white highlights, the well balanced and properly ground edges...all come together. Simply stunning!

I'm 50, I've been at this firearms gun game for a long time. I've written for almost every mag and thought I had seen it all. Rarely, very rarely do I see something that knocks me out, surprises me and makes me realize that there is still good things happening out there in the industry. ARS appears to be capable of the highest level of refinishing that I have yet to experience. All evident on this lowly item....and that is what is most remarkable and most appreciated of all! Your bust, that is clear, still you took the time to do this job and do it properly.

Fine job Mark. I'll be back at you with something more worthy of your craftsmanship...something really "rare" that requires your artistry!
-Daniel D.

Just a note to thank you for working on my rifle. It works great and Brian is real happy with the hand guard swap you did with him. . . .
-Deputy Randy B., Maricopa County Sheriff Office
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the very good and friendly service I experienced from you when I came in with my FAL. I enjoyed my visit and would have liked to have stay longer to chat, but I could see that you were busy. Thanks again and I hope to do more business with you in the future.
- Eddy M.
I sent my FAL to Mark Graham to have the barrel shortened to 16" and for refinishing in satin black METACOL. It was sent middle to end of Oct. Well I received it back last evening. Needless to say I was surprised at the short turnaround. I was excited as a kid on chirstmas morning when I was opening the package. All I can say is "WOW". The thing is beautiful. A work of art. I am very pleased with ARS and will use them again. Great communication, great customer service and a great product. First rate all around.
I received my FAL yesterday evening. I would just like to say that it looks great and it is all that I had hoped. Thank you for a job well done! I will not hesitate to use your services in the future.
-Sgt Frank C., Washington County Sheriff's Office
I received my HK93 and the new A3 stock yesterday. Everything looks fantastic! Your reputation for quality is well deserved.
-George A.
Picked up the Israeli clone FAL that you built for me and shot it the other day. Perfecto ! Zeroed and gas set out of the box. Functions perfectly and looks beautiful. Obvious attention to detail. You kept me well informed and did what you said that you were going to do in the time that you said it would take you. Cant really ask for anything more then that.
- George F.
Thank you for the truly fine job you did on my rifle. You exceeded my expectations and I am very Pleased.
- Jack C.
Just wanted to write and tell you I received my Izzy that you Parkerized. It looks great and I am very pleased. I will be sending an STG for you to refinish in Met III Satin Black in a couple of weeks.
- Robert H
I have several Gunplumber builds and wouldn't go anywhere else. Two more on the way. Absolute perfection. SAS & L1A1s built by Gunplumber: The best & the best built by the best.
-Paige M., TX
I recently sent my FAL kit to A.R.S for a complete build and park. I received the rifle a few days ago, and was amazed by the quality work Mark does. This rifle is absolutely awesome and I highly recommend his work. He is also a stand up guy and straight shooter no B.S. all you get is quality work. This was my first dealing with Mark and will not be the last.
- FF
I am writing just to say GREAT JOB. I recently received back the Beretta 92 that I sent you to have finished in OD Green and Black. This pistol looks AWESOME. The white fill on the lettering is definately the icing on the cake. Thanks for a really great job. I will be E-Mailing soon for an estimate on some other firearms I would like to have re-finished.
-Nicholas H.
Thanks for the awesome FAL build!!! Your work is top notch, I will recommend you anytime for builds and finishing. Superb gunsmithing and a class act.
- Spike N., AZ
I got the BHP that you did the ATP and refinishing on. To say I am very impressed is probably a very poor statement. Until someone has a firearm done by you they cannot know how nice it will look. Also the pictures do not do the two tone MetaCol III finish justice.
-Billy S.
Good L2 HB FAL arrived this evening and I have to tell you that it is stunning!! I have to say Mark that out of all of the work that you have done for me over the years that this is your best to date. I hate to even put it down to type this e-mail! Also I want to thank you for how fairly you treated me on the price of the job. I simply could not ask for any higher quality or superior service. . . Have a great evening and thank you again for the excellent job that you did for me.
-Mark K.
Another kudo for Mark Graham at ARS-I have a Belgium. Army lower with Israeli. FALO upper, that was malfunctioning on every 2-3 rounds. he rebuilt the weapon form the ground up, FANTASTICALLY. Boy, oh boy!!!!!! thank you for turning me on to him ~2 yrs ago.
-John H., AZ
I purchased one of your complete STG58 Falls on an IMBEL GL type 3 about a month ago, and I just thought I'd let you know that I am COMPLETELY satisfied! It functions perfectly on good SA surplus, shoots accurately and looks great. I got a lot of attention on my first trip to the range with her. Turns out one of the guys there was South African, and seeing it brought back fond memories for him. I let him shoot it for a while, and afterwards all he could do was smile ear-to-ear and say "Now THAT is a rifle!
- Sam T.
I just got back from firing my FAL you built not only does it look great but it shoots incredible! I will be sending other guns in the future, I love the Finish!
- Matt H.
I received my Hk91k today and Boy am I impressed, I want to thank you so much for such great service and I would like to compliment you and your staff on the terrific workmanship. I will surely send more work your way. My only problem is deciding what gun to send to you next!
-Bill S.
I received the rifle on Wednesday and just returned from the range with it............everything is just great! Looks nice, shoots nice, etc, etc. Thanks again!
- Kevin M.
I bought your video and workbook through FAC as I as buying some other things there. I sat down and watched the whole thing in two sittings! And my wife and oldest boys (13 and 9) came in too. Everyone was fascinated and we all learned a ton. I just wanted to tell you that I think it is excellent for us newbies and give very detailed information on all the things that we seem to run into. It is obvious that you have done many of these, and the short cuts you show help tremendously. I am just starting a redo on a STG kit I bought from DSA and I know feel I have the resources to get the job done. Between you and the, I have received an entire education in a couple of short weeks. Now, putting it into practice..... (Dang! Sounds like graduation day all over again!)
- Scott L.
Received the rifle barrel I sent you for the METACOL IV finish. Very good job! Also, the return was sooner than expected and I'm grateful for that. I will tell my shooting friends about your company and that they should keep you in mind if they need any metal re-finishing on their firearms. I may have you re-finish my Remington 1100 shotgun some time in the future. It's the only shotgun I have and I use it about twice a month for Three Gun matches. Finding an opportunity to part with it for four weeks or so may be difficult. When that time comes I'll contact you.
-Robert C.
I finally got a chance to test my Glock after you modified it for me. It worked very well, and the beavertail cured the problem I was having with slide bite. I also like the texturing that you applied to the frame. Very grippy. . . .In short, I am glad that I had you modify my Glock, and I will attempt to persuade anyone who asks me about my funny looking Glock, to have ARS do the work if they are interested in modifying their pistol.
-Robert M
Just wanted to let you know that the MP5/10 arrived safely in Anchorage on Friday; also received your call Sunday regarding the Gemtech Raptor can..... Outstanding work! - the gun looks factory fresh and the repair welding appears to be (to my uneducated eye) a superlative job. To avoid a recurrence, I'll hold off on running it until I either get the factory manual or the definitive word from HK on the locking piece issue. I was pretty much certain that I'd be pleased with your work from the experiences and recommendations of others, but what I got for my money exceeded my high expectations; I'd be more than happy to provide a reference / testimonial in the unlikely event you'd ever need it. Again, Mark, a great pleasure doing business with you - your prompt answers to my questions and the quick turn around on the repair and refinish are very much appreciated.
- Mike S., AK
Just to let you know, I've broken in this barrel and put about 200 rounds through the weapon. Flawless operation, groups have remained tight. I'm extremely pleased, you've done outstanding work. Thanks. I'm looking for another receiver, FMP Interport or a quality piece that YOU will build on .
-Gary B.
My ARS Hi Power is the pride of my collection.  It is simply the best shooter I could hope for.  I've put better than 1500 rounds through it since Dec 01 and have absolutely zero complaints.  Everything is still tight, smooth and crisp.  Simply put, the pistol will shoot better than my skills will allow it to.  All magazines function perfectly and the Metacol III finish seems impervious to wear, solvents, etc.  After being leery about spending $500+ on custom work for a $425 pistol, I can't imagine having it any other way.  From a shooter's perspective, it's the best $500 I ever spent.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for future customers.
- Jason N, Capt. USAF
Thirty minutes ago my rifle was delivered by FedEx.  It was everything I expected and more.  Your workmanship and service are outstanding.  I will be sending more rifles to you for rebuilding and refinishing.
- Jim G.
I received my FAL yesterday and it is beautiful - a work of art. I'm sure it is better now than when it was new. Thanks for doing such a great job. The other officers I work with will be drooling all over it. I can't wait to shoot it.
-Vic H, SC.
I just received my .45 caliber pistol back from you and would be remiss if I didn't write to tell you how very surprised and elated I was when I saw the beautiful results the METACOL IV (manganese phosphate) coating had on the pistol. It looked like it must have when it was first issued in Argentina. As you know it is a Colt-clone Balister-Molina but I would venture to say it is at least as good as a new Colt Government. I also wanted to express my sincere thanks for the expert job you did taking the old sights off and replacing them with the target sights. Your finishes are second to none and I would recommend you to everyone know that is in need of your services.
-Thomas F., NJ.