(updated 09-20-2014)
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Your Mark of Excellence Quality in Every Detail

Twenty years of quality FAL gunsmithing and innovation has earned Arizona Response Systems an outstanding industry reputation. You will not just be satisfied, but be truly awed with ARS FAL products and services.

  • Kit builds
  • Repair to factory specifications
  • Refinishing to factory specifications or custom jobs
  • Rebarreling
  • Barrel shortening and threading
  • Original and US made FAL and L1A1 parts

To insure customer satisfaction, ARS will only work with IMBEL (Brazil), DGFM-FMAP (Argentine), other licensed FN receivers, DSA , or Coonan. ARS will not work on the low quality products from Hesse/Vulcan Arms, Olympic Arms, Willams Arms Company, Century Arms International, Entreprise Arms, or DPMS. Specific custom parts such as stocks and grips are available from vendors on our links page. ARS carries some spare parts for FAL-type rifles.

Federal regulations require 7 US parts from a list of 20 major components. The 1994 moratorium on "assault weapon" manufacture has expired. FAL rifles may have flash suppressors, bayonet mounts, grenade launchers, and folding stocks, providing the 7 US parts requirement is still met.

What's this US parts stuff?

FAL Kit Builds

One flat rate covers most normal processes. On your parts kit, quality receiver, and 7 US parts, I will:

  • clean and inspect all parts
  • deburr parts for function
  • deburr parts for cosmetics (if refinishing)
  • renumber bolt, bolt carrier, and lower receiver to match new upper receiver
  • shorten barrel if desired (rethread, open gas port)
  • recrown and time muzzle device.
  • permanently attach muzzle device with ATF approved 1100 F solder if required by your state.
  • tighten and lap rear sight as needed
  • install & time barrel
  • exchange locking shoulder for correct size
  • headspace (min +.002" is standard)
  • install customer supplied US parts
  • machine para cut, as needed
  • machine folding cocking handle cut, as needed
  • weld repair BHO foot, as needed
  • solder repair loose tang as needed
  • solder pistol grip stud (inch pattern) as needed
  • remove front SA block and solder holes (Argentine)
  • machine rear SA block (Argentine)
  • install SA selector stop
  • testfire for function
  • zero 1" low at 25 meters for point of aim = point of impact at 200 meters
FAL parts either meet factory specification or they do not. There is generally no "adjusting" or "tuning" of components other than minor honing of the hammer, trigger, and sear engagement surfaces. If they are in specification, they work; if they are not in specification, they are either repaired or replaced.

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FAL DVD & Workbook

ARS FAL & L1A1 Home Gunsmithing DVD & Workbook
Gunplumber's Guide to FN FAL Home Gunsmithing DVD & Workbook. Covers all aspects of building a FAL with your receiver and FAL parts kit. Includes tools, selecting and preparing parts; barreling and timing; adjusting headspace; tuning gas system for optimal performance; customizing; complete disassembly & reassembly, operation, function testing and troubleshooting. Covers Inch, Metric, and Israeli models in full and semi automatic. Two DVD set, digitally produced and edited . Workbook compliments DVD with technical specifications, Inch and Metric inspection & repair standards, home-made tools drawings, vendor listings, schematics, and much more. 250 pages. $65, $10 flat rate shipping..

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Price List

assemble kit: install barrel, time, headspace, testfire, zero 345
assemble and refinish METACOL IV manganese phosphate "Parkerizing" 445
assemble and refinish METACOL III Satin Black 545
refinish only dark gray manganese phosphate "Parkerizing" 195
refinish only METACOL III Satin Black 275
supply locking shoulder (with build) + 25
supply breeching washer (with build, Commonwealth guns only) + 15
Return ship FedEx Ground with $1200 insurance + 35

additional return shipping insurance is $0.75/$100

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