(updated 01-01-2013)

ARS is the authorized refinishing center for the HK USA repair department and has over 15 years of experience restoring HK firearms.

  • G3 Kit builds
  • Refinishing to factory specifications
  • barrel installation and repair on selected models
  • HK 91k barrel shortening (16" including flash hider)
  • "Clip and Pin" grip frames
  • Paddle magazine catch installation

ARS will assemble and refinish METACOL III Satin Black over Parkerizing your G3 parts kit on an FMP (Portugal), Springfield (Greek), JLD (PTR-91) or HK receiver. I will not work on Hesse (Vulcan), Speshul Wepunz, FAC (FA-91) receivers, Century Arms C-91 (and CAI CETMEs) or home-folded flats. Customer supplies all parts.

  • clean and inspect all components
  • clip and pin grip frame
  • convert trigger mechanism housing to semiauto, trigger improvements
  • modify old style barrel and cocking tube to accept wide handguards
  • install paddle magazine catch (receiver type dictates what type of paddle).
  • weld trunion and cocking tube
  • barrel and headpace, shorten barrel if desired
  • parkerize and refinish in METACOL III Satin black
  • testfire and zero

Federal regulations require 7 US parts from a list of 20 major components. The 1994 moratorium on "assault weapon" manufacture has expired. HK rifles may have flash suppressors, bayonet mounts, grenade launchers, and collapsing stocks, providing the 7 US parts requirement is still met.

What's this US parts stuff?

Short-Barrel Conversions

ARS HK91k Conversion
I invented the HK91k conversion to obtain a 16" barrel, including the flash suppressor. This is a less-expensive way to obtain the look of a G3k without having to register the gun as a short-barreled rifle. Using my special fixtures and tooling, I can shorten and thread the barrel without removing it from the receiver. The HK standard thread is M15x1.0 RH. I will touch-up the finish if necessary with METACOL III Satin Black on the barrel, and dark gray phosphate on the flash suppressor, as on the original. I can color-match black guns only, not the earlier blue-gray SACO imports.

I cannot shorten an HK 93 with the original style flash hider unless you register it with BATFE as a Short Barreled Rifle - $200 tax stamp, BATFE Form 5320.1 (Form 1). At the point it has to be cut and threaded, the tapered barrel is less than the minimum 15mm. I can do it with a longer flash suppressor of the G36 style.

PTR 91 rifles can be shortened to 16" without the flash hider as the barrel is not tapered.

HK Refinishing

ARS HK Refinishing
Prices and Technical aspects of refinishing are described in detail in the Finishes section.

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Description Price $
Assemble & refinish, package price 995
discount for FMP receivers with cocking tube and trunion already installed-100
install paddle magazine catch (no build) 200
Cut & thread tapered barrel, solder flash hider 150
discount if combined with complete refinish - 25
Cut & thread PTR-91 non-tapered barrel 125
supply HK flash hider 20
return shipping FedEx Ground 100

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