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  • Most of these items have been out of production for 30+ years.
    If a part is out of stock, I have no idea when or if I will be able to find more.
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  • I will hold items for 7 calendar days.
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  • You may request a part be black or Parkerized. I cannot guarantee it.
    If your order is contingent on the color, please advise.

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FAL Barrel Group
FAL (Metric) Barrel Group
FAL receiver
FAL (Metric) Receiver Group
FAL Lower
FAL (Metric) Lower Group
L1A1 Barrel Group
L1A1 (Inch) Barrel Group
L1A1 Receiver
L1A1 (Inch) Receiver Group
L1A1 Lower
L1A1 (Inch) Lower Group
Israeli FAL Parts
Israeli FAL Parts
Misc FAL Stuff
Misc FAL Stuff


AK-47 & AK-74


HK 91

HK 93

HK 94


Misc Parts

Firearms for Sale

Gunsmith DVDs, Promotional Items


Unless otherwise noted, all FAL & L1A1 parts are cleaned, sand-blasted, and manganese phosphate (Parkerized) coated or METACOL III Satin Black over Parkerizing. While you may request paint or park as a finish, unless specified, I cannot guarantee it. The following is my strict grading scale.

NEWA+. New. Looks and is new.
NOSA. New, Old Stock. Technically new, but may have tiny dings or scratches from handling and long-term storage
EXCA. Excellent. As good as new, but may show evidence of having been installed in a rifle. Many of my EXC parts are actually new, but I refinished them anyway because my finish is usually nicer and more durable than the original military specification.
VGB. Very Good. May have minor cosmetic blemishes or minor pitting prior to refinish.
GOODC. Good. Good is the lowest condition where the part will safely and reliably perform its intended function. May show moderate pitting before refinish, or factory authorized repairs.
FAIRD. Fair. Heavy pitting, or parts may require repair to perform safely and reliably, but they are repairable.
POORF. Poor. Parts may be unrepairable. I don't sell parts in poor condition..