Arizona Response Systems, LLC
(updated 01-15-2018)
ARS Notes
Finally I have a purpose-built shop instead of something else converted to a shop. Here's how I built it.
Take a virtual tour of the ARS facilities.
Who am I and how did I get into gunsmithing?
Notes from my satisfied customers.
Bank of America, US DOJ, and their war against legal gun businesses.
The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson, my favorite fable, and the basis for my gunsmithing philosophy.
AK Notes
Tutorial: Building an AK Pistol
Tutorial: Adjusting the TAPCO G2 AK Trigger
Tutorial: Adjusting the Arsenal AK Trigger
Tutorial: Saiga Sporter AK Conversion
Review: Ohio Rapid Fire First Generation Galil Receiver
Review: Ohio Rapid Fire Second Generation Galil Receiver
FAL & SCAR Notes
Tutorial: Restoring the CAI L1A1 Thumbhole Sporter
Tutorial: Repairing FAL Magazines
Tutorial: RSA & Rhodesian FAL Camouflage & Distressing.
Review: FAL India. Parts identification and comparison.
Review: FN SCAR-16S & SCAR-17S.
Review: Federal Arms Corporation / DC Industries FAL Receiver
Review: Olympic Arms FAL Receiver
Review: Williams Arms Company Aluminum FAL Receiver
Review: Williams Arms Company Steel FAL Receiver
Review: Entre'prise Arms Inc. 2009 L1A1 Receiver
Review: Entre'prise Arms Inc. 2007/2008 FAL Receiver
Review: Entre'prise Arms Inc. FAL Receiver
Review: Century Arms International L1A1 Receiver
Review: Coonan, Inc. 2009 FAL Receiver
HK Notes
Tutorial: Build a JLD PTR-91 HK Clone
Tutorial: Build an SW3 HK Clone
Review: Special Weapons SW5
Review: Pakistan Ordnance Factory vs German HK products
Armorer Tools
Review: East German AK Armorer Tools
Review: East German Makarov Tools
Review: Chinese Armorer Tools
Review: ARS Fabricated Armorer Tools
Tutorial: Building a Gunsmith Tool Holder
Tutorial: Building a Heavy-Duty Gunsmith Workbench
Tutorial: Firearm Metal Finishing
Tutorial: Firearm Wood Finishing
Tutorial:Building a Beretta AR-70 from a parts kit and receiver.
Tutorial: Building a standard or semiauto 1919 A4/A6 from a parts kit and sideplate.
Review: Assembly & Dissassembly, Czech Vz52 Rifle
Review: Assembly & Disassembly, Ruchnoy Pulemyot Dagtyareva (RPD).
Review: Assembly and Dissassembly, PKM Tripod.
Review: ARS used to manufacture custom ghillie suits, but gunsmithing became more profitable.
Review: Many of the skills I developed building models have contributed to my success as a gunsmith.
Review: Is there a "best" gun? In this essay, I try to find out. If not a best gun, then maybe a fair way to evaluate them.
Review: Exploring the Remington 870 20g as a home-defense shotgun.
Review: Exploring the individual combat load.