(updated 05-21-13)

Firearm Finishes

Home of the METACOL III firearm finish - exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance. Refinisher for the HK USA repair department.

FAL, AK, HK Armory

Nationally recognized expert in the FAL, AK, and HK rifle. Repair, restoration, customizing and kit builds.

General Gunsmithing

Limited custom work accepted on an individual basis.


Parts for FAL & L1A1, AK-74 & AK-47, misc gun parts, gunsmithing videos, ARS promotional items, and occasional firearms for sale.


Shop tour, product reviews, gunsmithing tutorials and more.

Administrative Notes

Lowest Common Denominator. Since the recent spate of new gun law proposals, some companies have decided that they will not offer firearms or accessories to police in a jurisdiction that prohibits citizens from possessing the same. I have been asked if I will join them.

The citizenry delegates its authority to a group it calls "police." The citizenry cannot delegate a power it does not possess. It is irrational to pretend "the police" have any right or privilege not enjoyed by the citizens from whom their police power is derived. While laws contrary to reason have been passed, I chose not to participate.

Since the passage of the 1994 "Assault Weapons" ban, I decided against selling any firearm or magazine to police in a jurisdiction, that prohibits their fellow citizens from purchasing the same. While I'm glad to see some other companies finally taking a similar stance, I wonder where they were almost 20 years ago when my personal decision got me branded a "cop hater."

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