Arizona Response Systems, LLC
(updated 11-06-2017)
Home of the METACOL III firearm finish - exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance. Refinisher for the HK USA repair department.
Nationally recognized expert in the FAL, AK, and HK rifle. Repair, restoration, customizing and kit builds. SAR Gunsmith of the Year.
Order Forms (Gunsmithing); packing recommendation; UPS, FedEx & USPS rules.
Parts for FAL & L1A1, AK-74 & AK-47, misc gun parts, gunsmithing videos, ARS promotional items, and occasional firearms for sale.
Shop tour, product reviews, gunsmithing tutorials and more.
Administrative Notes
Lowest Common Denominator.
ARS will not sell firearms or magazines prohibited to the citizenry of a state, to those with special exemptions, such as law enforcement.
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