FAL Review: FAL India. Parts identification and comparison.

(updated 04-09-2020) FAL India, or 1A1, is a FAL and L1A1 hybrid. India purchased FAL rifles from FN, and L1A1 rifles from Australia and England. They then started producing their own, with steadfast insistence it was “their” design with no royalties due to FN. Here we will examine identifying characteristics of the FAL […]

AK Review: Ohio Rapid Fire Second Generation Galil Receiver

I reviewed an ORF Galil receiver a few years ago, and while it could be built, it had several problems that may made it a challenging build for the even an experienced builder. Todd Grove REVIEW: ORF 2nd GENERATION GALIL RECEIVER (updated 03-17-2020) Introduction I reviewed an ORF Galil receiver a few years […]

FAL Tutorial: RSA & Rhodesian FAL Camouflage & Distressing.

(updated 04-09-2020) Rhodesian Pattern Camouflage. The popular story behind camouflaged South African rifles, is that captured ANC rebels noted that the black rifles were identifyable at a great distance. This motivated the military to begin camouflaging the rifles. The colors were taken from their vehicles. A blue green, and and a yellow-tan, commonly […]

FAL Tutorial: Restoring the CAI L1A1 Thumbhole Sporter

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Congress banned the importation of “Assault Rifles” in 1989. Certain features differentiated a “sporting rifle” from an “assault rifle”. Features included: detachable magazine, pistol grip, bayonet mount, flash hider, and folding stock. Importers modified their rifles to comply with the law by substituting a thumbhole stock for the pistol grip, […]

FAL Review: Coonan, Inc. 2009 FAL Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Dave Neville, of Coonan Inc., showed me their new Metric Type III receiver at the 2009 SAR show. I received one shortly after the show for testing and evaluation. This review examines the receiver for dimensional correctness, cosmetic appeal, and ease of assembly. I am known in the industry as […]

FAL Review: Federal Arms Corporation / DC Industries FAL Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Federal Arms Corporation (FAC) Closed its doors in 2005. FAC had been the exclusive reseller of the FAL receiver manufactured by Dan Coonan Industries (DCI). Apparently FAC owned the moulds, while DCI did the finish machining on the castings. Harlan, a former employee of FAC, has opened a new company […]

AK Review: Ohio Rapid Fire First Generation Galil Receiver

(updated 03-17-2020) Introduction The following information may be of assistance to the home builder considering a build on an ORF receiver. The ORF receiver is the only non-IMI receiver of any potential on the market today, but it does have issues that are a challenge to the experienced builder and may be insurmountable […]

Tool Tutorial: Building a Gunsmith Tool Holder

TUTORIAL, BUILDING A GUNSMITH TOOL HOLDER (updated 03-17-2020) Introduction There are some commercial tool-holders sold. None met my specific needs. I made one out of pine similar to the one shown here. It worked well, but I outgrew it quickly and wanted to make some improvements. This is the improved model. It is […]

FAL Review: Century Arms International L1A1 Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Century Arms International makes a cast FAL receiver that was included both on complete rifles and available by itself. Its primary attraction was its comparatively low cost – about 30% less than an import before the receiver-import ban, and now perhaps an even lower comparative price. Review Receiver is finish-machined […]

FAL Review: Entre’prise Arms Inc. FAL Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction My previous reviews of Entréprise Arms FAL receivers have been unfavorable. Not only were the receivers grossly out-of spec, but the company tried to market the curious dimensions as a bonus – to permit a “match fit.” I don’t buy a carburetor for my Chevy and expect to have to […]

FAL Review: Entre’prise Arms Inc. 2007/2008 FAL Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction I’ve previously had poor experiences with Entréprise Arms. Its not that ALL of their receivers were bad, bat rather they were not consistent one to another. As a professional builder, my customers expect to know before-hand how much a build will cost. While I have built many with no issues, […]

FAL Review: Entre’prise Arms Inc. 2009 L1A1 Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Entréprise Arms sent me pre-production L1A1 receivers for review and comment. Over several months I evaluated their changes and recently received a fourth production receiver. It is of the British pattern, which makes it unique, as no other companies have released a British pattern receiver. (Update: Coonan Now offers UK […]