FAL Tutorial: FNC Handguards on FAL

(updated 04-12-2020) Introduction FNC handguards look cool and are comfortable, but they won’t fit an FAL. Not without some clever alterations. Yeah, it’s been done before. My goal was to come up with a minimally invasive way. I think I found it. Solder escutcheons on handguards. Fabricate spacer ring, modify carry handle nut […]

FAL Tutorial: Fake Wood L1A1 Handguards

(updated 04-12-2020) Introduction The earliest (1989-1990) Century Arms L1A1 Thumbhole sporters that were imported came with fiberglass thumbhole stocks and handguards. These were made by the Bell & Carlson stock company. As both US parts and wood handguards are scarce for the L1A1, I decided to see if I could make these US […]

FAL Review: Gas Block Drilling Fixture

(updated 04-12-2020) Introduction This project started turning in my head when I received some virgin gas blocks to mount to barrels. Identifying the exact location of the retaining pin hole and the handguard screw hole is challenging, particularly because there are slight variations that make determining the “correct” location tough. I used to […]

SCAR Review: SCAR 20 Initial Impressions

(updated 04-11-2020) Introduction Ordered a SCAR 20 a while back and it finally came in. So of course I needed a scope for it, and a better scope than the Nightforce 2.5-10 SHVs I have on the three SCAR 17 20″ So I ordered a 3.5-15 NXS from Optics planet before finding it […]

Misc Review: Gunplumber Makes Spears

(updated 04-11-2020) Introduction Gunplumber goes retro. c. 1200 AD. (some pointers in here for distressing). When I was a youth, I was into making medieval and Roman era armor. Chain mail from bailing wire, shields from trashcan lids, and Roman curiass ([I]lorica segmentata[/I]) from cardboard and duct tape. I considered pursuing it as […]

FAL Tutorial: Converting Type A lower to Type B

(updated 04-11-2020) Introduction An early Type A lower has a relief cut at the rear and the stock is cut to wrap around it. It’s a rare lower, but the stock is even more rare. Other than cosmetics, there is no issue with putting a type B or C stock on a type […]

AK Tutorial: Troubleshooting select issues

TUTORIAL, AK TROUBLE-SHOOTING (updated 04-10-2020) Bolt Carrier Jumps Rail This image shows an extreme example of the bolt carrier jumping the rail. It is a difficult malfunction to correct because there are many factors contributing to it. Test for it by pulling the charging handle back and up. On some guns, the bolt […]

FAL Tutorial: Installing FAL Israel Gas Block

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Thanks to the Republican ban on importing “non-sporting” barrels, the recent influx of Israeli ROMAT parts kits came with the barrels cut. DS Arms had some barrels made. The first batch were defective, which they knew, but they sold them anyway (it’s The Chicago Way!). The gas block journals were […]

AK Tutorial: IMI Galil Build

(updated 04-09-2020) Magazine Catch Using ball bearings to flare the ends of the magazine catch pin. Barrel Chasing receiver threads. This is not always necessary, but if the barrel or receiver threads have a burr, it makes screwing it in difficult. 5.56mm NATO thread pitch is M21x1.5, 7.62mm NATO is M25x1.5. Chasing barrel […]

FAL Review: FAL India. Parts Identification and Comparison.

(updated 04-10-2020) FAL India Parts Identification. barrel same as L1A1 except for markings, wrench flat width (L1A1 on top), and initial taper bolt similar to L1A1 except no sand cut on top front and bottom rear. Also, single cam locking lobe versus L1A1 double, May have a “C” proof. It’s more a matter […]

AK Review: Ohio Rapid Fire Gen 2 Galil Receiver

(updated 03-17-2020) Introduction I reviewed an ORF Galil receiver a few years ago, and while it could be built, it had several problems that may made it a challenging build for the even an experienced builder. Todd Grove at Ohio Rapid Fire produced a “new” receiver which he claims rectified all of the […]

FAL Tutorial: RSA & Rhodesian FAL Camouflage & Distressing.

(updated 04-09-2020) Rhodesian Pattern Camouflage. The popular story behind camouflaged South African rifles, is that captured ANC rebels noted that the black rifles were identifiable at a great distance. This motivated the military to begin camouflaging the rifles. The colors were taken from their vehicles. A blue green, and and a yellow-tan, commonly […]