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Misc Review: Gunplumber Makes Spears

(updated 04-11-2020) Introduction Gunplumber goes retro. c. 1200 AD. (some pointers in here for distressing). When I was a youth, I was into making medieval and Roman era armor. Chain mail from bailing wire, shields from trashcan lids, and Roman curiass ([I]lorica segmentata[/I]) from cardboard and duct tape. I considered pursuing it as […]

Misc. Review: Exploring the Individual Combat Load.

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction How many magazines should I have? How many should I carry? I am asked this question frequently. The only real answer is “it depends.” What’s the mission? What’s your fitness? What’s the terrain? How are you carrying it? How big are you? Are buddies armed with rifles that use the […]

Misc. Review: Fine Scale Models

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction From doll house furniture, to Dungeons & Dragons figurines, to wooden sailing ships to military aircraft and armor, all my life I have been interested in miniatures. If I could have found a way to make a living building models, I may never have become a professional gunsmith. Building plastic […]

Misc. Review: ARS Ghillie Suits

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction In the distant past, ARS manufactured ghillie suits. Eventually, I’ll expand this blog. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Misc. Review: Czech Vz52 Rifle, Assembly & Dissassembly,

(updated 04-09-2020) This review is for informational purposes only I DO NOT SELL PARTS FOR THE VZ 52 DO NOT CALL ME ABOUT THE VZ 52 Introduction The Czechoslovakian Vzor 1952 rifle, or Vz. 52, is a magazine fed, clip-loaded, semiautomatic, gas-operated, forward-tilting bolt, infantry rifle which entered Czech military service in 1952. […]

Misc. Review: Best Gun – Methods of Evaluation

Many times I have been asked, what is the “best” firearam or the best configuration of a particular firearm. Of course, this is an extremely difficult question as every choice is dependent on many factors. Each of the factors is important and can swing the results to a different rifle. Some factors are: […]