Various build tutorials and reviews that don’t fit any other category.


Misc. Review: Exploring the Individual Combat Load.

How many magazines should I have? How many should I carry? I am asked this question frequently. The only real answer is “it depends.” What’s the mission? What’s your fitness? What’s the terrain? How are you carrying it? How big are you? Are buddies armed with rifles that use the same magazine? Speed […]

Misc. Review: The Remington 870 20g for Home Defense

This started as a thread seeking to identify a really nicely made 20g 870 tube extension. I still haven’t identified it, but I have played around with these 20g shotgun and thought I’d post my observations.Personally, I don’t have much use for a shotgun in a “tactical” role. Other than shooting rabbits and […]

Misc. Review: Fine Scale Models

From doll house furniture, to Dungeons & Dragons figurines, to wooden sailing ships to military aircraft and armor, all my life I have been interested in miniatures. If I could have found a way to make a living building models, I may never have become a professional gunsmith. Building plastic models taught me […]

Misc. Review: ARS Ghillie Suits


Misc. Review: Czech Vz52 Rifle, Assembly & Dissassembly,

The Czechoslovakian Vzor 1952 rifle, or Vz. 52, is a magazine fed, clip-loaded, semiautomatic, gas-operated, forward-tilting bolt, infantry rifle which entered Czech military service in 1952. It fires the Czech 7.62x45mm cartridge. It was replaced with the Vz.52/57 rifle chambered in the 7.62x39mm Russian Cartridge for uniformity within the Warsaw Pact. Having a […]

Misc. Tutorial: Building a Browning 1919

The following information is for legal manufacturers only. You must have your Type 7 FFL and Special Occupation Tax (SOT) to legally manufacture a 1919 right side plate in standard (full-automatic) configuration. You must have a Type 7 FFL to manufacture a semiautomatic for purpose of resale. You do not a license to manufacture […]

Misc. Tutorial: Building a Beretta AR-70

Beretta designed the 5.56mm NATO AR-70 to replace the venerable 7.62mm NATO BM 59 (US M1 Garand with detachable 20 round magazine). It looks similar to the SIG model 530-1, but there are significant internal differences. The AR-70 also shares some basic similarity with the FN FNC and Armalite AR-18. The AR-70 base […]

Misc. Review: Best Gun – Methods of Evaluation

Many times I have been asked, what is the “best” firearam or the best configuration of a particular firearm. Of course, this is an extremely difficult question as every choice is dependent on many factors. Each of the factors is important and can swing the results to a different rifle. Some factors are: […]