Gunplumber’s Bio

I was born in Pennsylvania in 1969 and moved to California with my family in 1977. My teenage years were spent with an obsessive interest in entrepreneurial activities. I worked odd jobs from landscaping, to cleaning dog kennels, to working for Taco Bell’s research and development store. I also was heavily involved in fine-scale model building, which contributed significantly to my Edward Scissor Hands skill with a Dremel tool, and attention to detail. School was varsity wrestling and water polo, the Boy Scouts (Eagle) and working. I dropped out of high-school shortly after my 16th birthday and began taking classes at the local junior college.

I enlisted in the U.S Army Infantry on my 17th Birthday and served with the 3/75th Rangers (Airborne) at Fort Benning. I earned the Expert Infantryman Badge, Israeli Parachute Badge, and some other shiny trinkets for correctly identifying which end the bullet comes out. I graduated from Airborne School, Ranger School, Assault Climber School, and Special Forces Selection. Not a hero by any means, but I did my part.

I finished my first active duty tour and then attended California State University, Fullerton, where I earned his Bachelor Degree in History, with an emphasis on Military History. I taught elementary school while concurrently serving as an Army Reservist with the 12th Special Forces.

I attended graduate school at California State University, San Bernardino and completed my Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies (National Security Studies) with an emphasis on Soviet Nuclear Strategy and Pro/Counter Insurgency. I was recalled to active military service at the close of Desert Storm, where I served at Fort Sam Houston, training at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, Medical Course.

I then moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I stayed in the Army Reserves, where I advanced to Staff Sergeant as NBC NCO (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare) for counterintelligence, armor, and petroleum assets. As a civilian, I turned my gunsmithing side-job into a full-time job with a nationally known gunsmithing and refinishing company. Being the ambitious and outspoken person I am. I soon tired of working for someone else and opened my own company “Practical Gunsmithing.” I terminated my military service after 14 years of combined Active and Reserve duty, to dedicate my full attention to gunsmithing – a venture that quickly evolved to my current position as Master Gunsmith and head janitor of Arizona Response Systems, LLC.

While I spend most of my time working, I take a break when I can and assist as a range safety officer and firearms instructor. Maintaining my shooting and teaching competence ensures that my gunsmithing recommendations are compatible with evolving tactical considerations.

  • Small Arms Review 2007 Gunsmith of the Year
  • Life Member, National Eagle Scout Association
  • Life Member, US Army Ranger Association
  • Life Member, National Rifle Association
  • Life Member, Gun Owners of America
  • Life Member, Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association
  • Member, Single Action Shooter Society “Arizona Gunplumber”
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • Contributor, Knox Hardcore
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