ToolsTool Review: Chinese Armorer Tools

Tool Review: Chinese Armorer Tools

(updated 04-09-2020)
Its hard to do a job correctly if one doesn’t have the proper tools. I have made a hobby of collecting armorer tools to go with the wide variety of firearms that come into my shop. Some I may never use, but are works of art, both in their concept and execution. Others are overly complicated for tasks that can be better performed with a hammer and punch. Here is a look at some of the Chinese Armorer tools I’ve been using and collecting over the last 20 years. The Chinese Armorer tools have great contrast – some are finely made to the highest Western standards, others (like their hammer and screwdriver) are complete junk.
PRC AK-47, Makarov, SKS, RPD, PKM, DP-28 Tools Kit
PRC Tool Box Chinese Tool Box, top shelf removed. The hammer, pliers and screwdrivers are garbage.
PRC Tool Box Chinese Tool Box, inside lid. Translation follows.
PRC Tool Box Chinese Tool Box, top shelf. I discarded the magnifying glass and calipers as junk.

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