1. duafala david t says:

    Your information on Combat Load is very accurate in my view. I find myself going back and re reading this analysis and still thinking that the more things change the more they stay the same.
    As a long time fan from the FALfiles and even before it was just a blue message board you seem to have a clearer insight into many of these topics than most people. Given todays social media environment would you consider putting this information into video format. Also include your mag changes for the AK and FAL if you ever do commit to video.

    • Admin says:

      I have hundreds of short videos I’d like to make.
      I also have a 6 month backlog on 100+ FAL gunsmithing orders and filling 20+ mail orders a day takes me 4+ hours a day. I’m committed in my older years, to “ONLY” work 70 hours a week. 11 hours M-Sat, and a half day on Sundays.

      So yeah, some day. But not soon.

      My buddy just picked up a gyroscopic balanced camera mount which is totally awesome. I don’t have 10 hours to learn how to use it.

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