I have not answered the phone for 6 years and productivity has increased dramatically.  At the farm where the new shop is located, there is no land line service.  I am working on a virtual message-only phone. 

Arizona Response Systems is strictly a mail-order company. I communicate primarily by e-mail. There is no secretary. I will be happy to discuss your project and answer questions by e-mail (please keep your e-mails short and to the point). I try to answer e-mails within 24 hours, M-F.

ARS accepts cash, check, money order and Visa / MC + 3.5%.

You can securely pay any amount with a Visa or Mastercard, HERE.

No Amex, No Discover, and definitely not the antigun criminal scum at PayPal.

ARS will not knowingly ship restricted items that conflict with your state’s laws. Don’t ask. I won’t disassemble magazines to ship as “kits”. It’s just not worth my time.

And following the “lowest common denominator” policy, popularized by Barrett firearms, I will not ship items that the common citizen of a state cannot possess to those with special exemptions.

I believe that the citizenry delegates their authority to the police, to enforce laws on their behalf. One cannot delegate an authority that one does not already possess. Therefore I think it is absurd that the citizens of some states cannot purchase a 20 rd magazine, but the citizen’s delegated law enforcement officer, can.

Almost all store items ship via USPS priority mail. Shipping is currently a flat $13.95 for any item(s), any size, any value, any quantity.

USPS has not only dramatically increased their prices in 2022 and 2023, but they have eliminated less expensive “Regional Rate” boxes.  Orders now have to ship in an unnecessarily large and more expensive box.

Yes, I know this sucks if you only want a $5 spring. The administrative cost to prepare an order for shipping is mostly the same for small orders as for large. For those making larger orders, it functions as a small discount. Order more, and shipping remains the same.

For those few items that go by FedEx ground, like parts kits, the difference between USPS and FedEx built into the price.


On checkout, you can indicate “pay by check” and the item(s) will be held from inventory for 10 calendar days.

If a part is out of stock, I have no idea when or if I will have more. Most of these items have been out of production for 30+ years. I find parts in dusty boxes at gun shows or through purchasing and trading with other vendors and individuals.

If it is still displayed in the store, it either means that I anticipate having more eventually, or the part is rare and I leave the image for reference. Otherwise I’ll hide or delete the item.

No.  I am mail order only.

No.  Even for parts that are perfectly legal in non-US destinations, I am not interested in the customs paperwork and additional administrative expenses.

I will be happy to ship to your agent or representative in the USA, and they can handle the customs paperwork for you.

No. Most of my products are no longer in production and only become more scarce with time. I try to price everything based on market conditions. If I think a price does not reflect market conditions, I’ll just alter the price. I generally consider coupons and sales to indicate the product is poorly priced.

Nor do I offer targeted discounts. I value all my customers regardless of who signs their paycheck. I will not artificially inflate my prices for one guy, so I can offer a discount to another.

I will consider discounts for volume purchases on an individual basis.

Unless otherwise noted, all FAL & L1A1 parts are cleaned, sand-blasted, and manganese phosphate (Parkerized) coated or METACOL III Satin Black over Parkerizing. In assemblies that contain multiple parts, I grade on average condition.


  • NEW (A+) New. Looks and is new.
  • NOS (A) New, Old Stock. Technically new, but may have tiny dings or scratches from handling and long-term storage
  • EXC (A) Excellent. As good as new, but may show evidence of having been installed. As I draw from inventory for customer builds, many of my EXC parts are actually new, but I refinished them anyway because my finish is usually superior to the original.
  • VG (B) Very Good. May have minor cosmetic blemishes or minor pitting prior to refinish.
  • GOOD (C) Good. Good is the lowest condition where the part will safely and reliably perform its intended function. May show moderate pitting before refinish, or factory authorized repairs.
  • FAIR (D) Fair. Heavy pitting, or parts may require repair to perform safely and reliably, but they are repairable.
  • POOR (F) Poor. Parts may be non-repairable, but may have some salvageable component or repurposing that prevented me from throwing in the dumpster

Yes. Click on “Gunsmithing Work Order Form”. Or make your own. I just need to know who you are, how to contact you, what you’re sending, what work you want done, and how you are paying.

Include a copy of your work order with the gun.

If your order refers to a previous conversation, or e-mail string, please restate your desires or include the e-mail. I will only go by what is on the workorder, not an e-mail from a month ago. E-mail quotes are good for 90 days.

Fill out the

Ship to

T. Mark Graham
Arizona Response Systems, LLC
2511 S 331st Ave
Tonopah, AZ 85354

You may ship your long guns to me by UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or USPS. “The UPS Store” is not “UPS”. They are private franchisee that accept packages for UPS. They often choose not to accept firearms.

You may ship handguns by UPS Air or FedEx Air. Handguns may only be shipped USPS from an FFL with a Postal form 1508.

Download the USPS Form 1508

As I am a federally licensed manufacturer, and under federal law, you may ship firearms directly to me and receive them directly back. There is no change of ownership and “gunsmuith and return is not a transfer under the law. You do not need to ship through a dealer, except for handguns by USPS.

For licensees needing a copy of my license, e-mail me.

For non-licensees who have shipper demanding “proof” that I am licensed to receive firearms in interstate commerce, go to ATF’s FFL eZ Check and enter my license number: 9-86-XXX-XX-XX-03636 for verification.

I return long guns by FedEx Ground (commercial addresses) or FedEx Ground Home Delivery (residential addresses). I return handguns by FedEx Air.

With your e-mail address, I will send a copy of the shipping label. I can only ship to a street address – no Post Office Boxes. I ship all items with “Adult Signature Required” and “No Driver Release.” I do not ship COD.

I can return ship a handgun to an FFL only if it will fit in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and the USPS Click and Ship accepts your address. As USPS tracking only shows pickup and delivery, and filing an insurance claim with USPS is a nightmare, I do not recommend USPS for handguns.

For Alaska and Hawaii residents, e-mail me to determine the best shipping option. Generally, shipping charges will be about double that of CONUS.

Please ship assembled guns. Firearms are most robust when fully assembled. There is no point in disassembling your gun and wrapping each piece separately in bubble wrap and duct tape. It is not fun to spend an hour and a half unwrapping and logging 50 individually wrapped parts. If you insist on sending bag-o-parts, please include a detailed inventory sheet.

Please do not send rifle cases or large handgun cases as I have limited storage space and it adds to dimensional weight return shipping charges.

Listed shipping charges are based on a 4 pound handgun package insured up to $700 or 20 pound rifle package insured up to $1500. Heavier orders or oversize boxes will incur additional shipping charges – $20 for OS-1, $35 for OS-2. Add $1.50/$100 additional return insurance.

If you do not believe your shipper when they say “delivered at 10:34 AM”, send me an e-mail and I will confirm receipt as soon as possible.

Track UPS Packages: http://www.usps.com

Track FedEx Packages: http://www.fedex.com

Track USPS package:http://www.usps.com

Yes. By appointment only. E-mail me for an appointment. I am usually available for drop-offs, M-F 9-5.

I guarantee all labor to the original owner for one year. Manufacturer’s warranty applies to parts. I guarantee my finishes to the original owner against chipping, peeling, flaking, or anything that I evaluate as “not right” for one year. I may, at my discretion, extend this guarantee indefinitely. I cannot guarantee against abuse, neglect, or honest wear. If you have a problem with any ARS work, even after the warranty period has expired, please contact me and I will evaluate your complaint. I am not responsible for Loctited parts, however if you know something has been Loctited or glued in place, please let me know so I can take appropriate measures during disassembly.

I pay return insurance for up to $800 on handguns and up to $1400 on rifles on your behalf. If you wish for me to purchase additional return insurance on your behalf, please specify the desired insurance value with your order at $1.00 per $100 additional insurance. I purchase this insurance from the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc) on your behalf. That is, I am not insuring your package – I am acting as your agent by purchasing insurance for you. I cannot guarantee the carrier will honor claims and I emphatically reject any responsibility should you not be satisfied with the result of any claim. Consider a home-owner’s insurance policy as an alternative. This is not meant to frighten anyone. I ship around 200 packages a year by FedEx and 1200+ by USPS. I haven’t had any issues for around 20 years. It is simply a recognition that I cannot be liable for things over which I have no control.

All firearms are shipped at your own risk. This means that I am not liable for the loss or damage of your firearm in transit or through circumstances outside of my control. Some examples include fires, floods, thefts, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, riots, stampedes, or The Zombie Apocalypse. This statement is a simple realization that despite my best efforts and long experience in common-sense practices, there is always a small chance of something happening to your property. I do not assume liability or guarantee compensation.

This disclaimer does not apply to negligent circumstances such as “I dropped your gun and ran it over with my tractor,” or “my dog ate your rifle stock ” for which I will repair or replace as appropriate. Sometimes I discover a part during disassembly that is already broken, or a screw simply breaks on removal despite due diligence. I will deal with these occasional issues fairly. Shipping companies have their own policies on “collector value” items.

BATFE has clarified that there is no requirement for Form 5320.5 (Form 5) on NFA items sent for repair or restoration, as this is not a “transfer” under the NFA. If you wish to process your order on a Form 5 anyway, there will be a $100 charge for the additional paperwork.


Download the 
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