FAL reviews other than receivers or DSA parts


FAL Tutorial: FNC Handguards on FAL

(updated 04-12-2020) Introduction FNC handguards look cool and are comfortable, but they won’t fit an FAL. Not without some clever alterations. Yeah, it’s been done before. My goal was to come up with a minimally invasive way. I think I found it. Solder escutcheons on handguards. Fabricate spacer ring, modify carry handle nut […]

FAL Review: Gas Block Drilling Fixture

(updated 04-12-2020) Introduction This project started turning in my head when I received some virgin gas blocks to mount to barrels. Identifying the exact location of the retaining pin hole and the handguard screw hole is challenging, particularly because there are slight variations that make determining the “correct” location tough. I used to […]

FAL Review: FAL India. Parts Identification and Comparison.

(updated 04-10-2020) FAL India Parts Identification. barrel same as L1A1 except for markings, wrench flat width (L1A1 on top), and initial taper bolt similar to L1A1 except no sand cut on top front and bottom rear. Also, single cam locking lobe versus L1A1 double, May have a “C” proof. It’s more a matter […]