FAL Reviews - ReceiversFAL Review: Williams Arms Company Aluminum FAL Receiver

FAL Review: Williams Arms Company Aluminum FAL Receiver

(updated 04-09-2020)
Dwight Williams of Williams Arms Company in Sisters, Oregon, produced an aluminum FAL receiver. This receiver was significantly lighter than its steel counterparts an I was hopeful that it would prove to be a viable option. I reviewed my sample in 2001.
Left side view, nicely machined.
Right side view, lettering a bit large for my taste.
This inch receiver has clearance cuts for the inch receiver cover tabs
Note same clearance cuts on the WAC Aluminum receiver. Note also the hole in floor of receiver.
Ejector block pins machined flush. Very neat. Note unusual mill cut behind hinge pin hole.Lightening cuts and sand cuts done very nicely.
compare to this IMBEL
different shape cut on IMBEL
right side view
mag well apparently cut to take inch or metric magazines
Rear view.
Feedramp cuts are perfect.
I recommend strongly against using the WAC Aluminum receiver in a rifle caliber. It endured one man’s 1000 round torture test – then cracked. Tested with proofloads by White Labratories, it failed catestrophically. I have personally examined the splintered shards of the receiver. Several other people have had locking shoulders and ejector block pins walk out. I have examined photographs of several other full and semiautomatic aluminum receivers with cracks. Although probably okay for pistol calibers, I choose not to complete this review with a live fire. I have serious reservations about its safety and structural integrity. Dwight Williams has left his customers with a pretty, but useless product.

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