Tutorials on various FAL related projects.


FAL Tutorial: Fake Wood L1A1 Handguards

(updated 04-12-2020) Introduction The earliest (1989-1990) Century Arms L1A1 Thumbhole sporters that were imported came with fiberglass thumbhole stocks and handguards. These were made by the Bell & Carlson stock company. As both US parts and wood handguards are scarce for the L1A1, I decided to see if I could make these US […]

FAL Tutorial: Converting Type A lower to Type B

(updated 04-11-2020) Introduction An early Type A lower has a relief cut at the rear and the stock is cut to wrap around it. It’s a rare lower, but the stock is even more rare. Other than cosmetics, there is no issue with putting a type B or C stock on a type […]

FAL Tutorial: Installing FAL Israel Gas Block

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Thanks to the Republican ban on importing “non-sporting” barrels, the recent influx of Israeli ROMAT parts kits came with the barrels cut. DS Arms had some barrels made. The first batch were defective, which they knew, but they sold them anyway (it’s The Chicago Way!). The gas block journals were […]

FAL Tutorial: RSA & Rhodesian FAL Camouflage & Distressing.

(updated 04-09-2020) Rhodesian Pattern Camouflage. The popular story behind camouflaged South African rifles, is that captured ANC rebels noted that the black rifles were identifiable at a great distance. This motivated the military to begin camouflaging the rifles. The colors were taken from their vehicles. A blue green, and and a yellow-tan, commonly […]

FAL Tutorial: Restoring the CAI L1A1 Thumbhole Sporter

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction Congress banned the importation of “Assault Rifles” in 1989. Certain features differentiated a “sporting rifle” from an “assault rifle”. Features included: detachable magazine, pistol grip, bayonet mount, flash hider, and folding stock. Importers modified their rifles to comply with the law by substituting a thumbhole stock for the pistol grip, […]

FAL Tutorial: Repairing FAL Magazines

(updated 04-09-2020 Repairing FAL Magazines. In the past, FAL magazines were priced at a level that made it difficult to justify spending any time or money in repairing damaged ones. As the price of magazines increases, it may become cost-effective to repair instead of replace. I have designed tooling to repair laterally compressed […]