AK Tutorial: Building an AK Pistol

(updated 04-09-2020) Introduction These directions are for the advanced builder who already has successfully built and refinished a standard size AK. This project requires lathe turning, milling, threading, welding, and silver soldering. This tutorial does not cover riveting, headspacing, barrel pressing, or wood and metal refinishing. These instructions are for building an AK […]

Misc. Review: Best Gun – Methods of Evaluation

Many times I have been asked, what is the “best” firearam or the best configuration of a particular firearm. Of course, this is an extremely difficult question as every choice is dependent on many factors. Each of the factors is important and can swing the results to a different rifle. Some factors are: […]

AK Tutorial: Adjusting the Arsenal AK Trigger

(updated 03-17-2020) Introduction This is an extension of the tutorial I wrote on the TAPCO G2 trigger group to address the differences in the ARSENAL trigger group. Please read the other tutorial first as the principles are the same. K-Var sells a single-stage or a two-stage US made trigger. While technically correct, it […]